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Kids From Yesterday

So My Chemical Romance are back with their newest music video, which has been has been inspired by an online fan and Nova has the first exclusive look at it right here!

When we asked them about the inspiration for the video the MCR guys said;

"Our video for 'The Kids From Yesterday' is about who we were, who our fans were, who we are all now, and perhaps a little about who we will all be. It’s about the journey."


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Ten Years On

After ten years of touring themselves to the brink, My Chemical Romance knew they had to make a change.

It had been a decade of world tours, losing and finding drummers and a trio of albums, but something had to be different for the band's fourth release.

"We learnt our lesson. We toured into infinity on those last two albums and it really got to us.  It took its toll on everybody's mental and physical sanity," says bass player Mikey Way.

These days, in the wake of 2010's Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, the four-piece have cut their tour length down by half, which Way thinks makes things better for both the band and the fans.

"It helps us to tour more intelligently. We used to just get in the cannon, direct us at where we were supposed to go and just go, go, go and do, do, do.

"And now we are able to pause for a moment and tour the right amount.  It makes it cooler for us and cooler for the fans, it makes it more special.

"And as a band we always want to make something new, that became difficult in the old touring cycle. We'd have to play these songs, but maybe at that point we'd moved on, we'd re-envisaged the songs and we wanted to play something new and we couldn't."

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Mikey Way Mustang Bass

Purchase information is now available for Mikey's custom Mustang Bass at Fender.

Squier introduces what is surely one of its most distinctive signature bass guitar models ever in the striking short-scale form of the Mikey Way Mustang Bass. Designed with the input of the nimble My Chemical Romance bassist, it takes the classic Mustang Bass and amps it through the roof with a dazzling large-flake Silver Sparkle finish with black racing stripes, a single seismic humbucking pickup with a black cover, and a black headstock with Way’s signature on the back.

Other features include a comfortable short scale (30”), basswood body, maple neck, 9.5”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 19 medium jumbo frets and parchment dot inlays, three-ply pickguard (black-white-black), black numbered volume and tone controls knobs, string-through-body bridge with four individually adjustable saddles and vintage-style chrome tuners.


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Mikey Talks Big Day Out

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE commemorated their ten-year anniversary on September 11th last year, which was followed up by the announcement a couple of weeks later, that the band would finally be returning to New Zealand - for the first time in five years - as headliners on the 2012 BIG DAY OUT.

Bassist MIKEY WAY gave Coup De Main a call while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in Los Angeles at the close of last year...

COUP DE MAIN: My Chemical Romance are playing Big Day Out 2012!
MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - MIKEY WAY: Yeah, we're super excited! Big Day Out is one of our favourite festivals, it's such an eclectic mix of so many different things and it's really about music - which is what a good festival should be about. The reaction from the fans in that part of the world rivals our greatest territories and the kids are always very rabid and very appreciative of us being there, so we're super excited to get back.

CDM: Are you planning to bring any of 'The World Contamination Tour' stage set-up with you?
MIKEY: We're going to bring as many of the elements as we can - the stage permitting - because bringing production to a festival can be tricky sometimes, but I think we've found a middle-ground. There's definitely elements from that first stage-show, that are going to be present at the ones coming up.

CDM: What will your setlist be like?
MIKEY: Every tour is different. We like to give people a piece of something... as fans that go to shows ourselves, we like going on a journey of a band's career, and so that's kind of how we work out setlists ourselves. We give people a taste of different eras of us, it's kind of like a mix-tape of us. We make a mix-tape of our songs every time we make a setlist, so that older fans have something to love on there and newer fans still have something to love, and we even throw a surprise or two in.

CDM: Do you think you'll play 'Bulletproof Heart'?
MIKEY: That's a strong possibility! We haven't gone through the setlist yet, but that's a song that we skipped on the Summer tour, so that coming back for this tour is highly probable.


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Interview with Mikey Way

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE are a band constantly progressing in both sound and image as they search for musical enlightenment. Bass player MIKEY WAY tells LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON about the US punk rock group’s most positive changes yet.

You know a band has made it when they can dictate the terms of their touring schedule. When My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way chats to Rave from his home in the USA, he is enjoying a nice long break from the road designed specifically to take in the festive season.

“We’re just enjoying a little time off after the year-long stretch that we’ve done recently. We’re just relaxing at home right now, regaining some energy and sanity,” Way explains, half in seriousness, half in jest.

Hang on a second; wasn’t My Chemical Romance’s latest album released only last year? Five years ago MCR wouldn’t have considered stopping touring at this stage of the album cycle. But it’s not like that anymore.

“We’ve never done it this way. Every album [before 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys] we’ve toured on for two-plus years, so this is a different way of doing things for us,” Way says.

“We decided to go hard for about a year and then stop and make a new album, which is the plan that we’re sticking to at this current period of time. The last thing that we’ve got booked as far as shows go is Australia. We don’t plan on touring much after that…” he pauses for a moment, casting his mind ahead before finishing his sentence. “…Actually, that’s the end.”

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