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  • This is a My Chemical Romance fansite. Here you will find all the latest on the band and the guys solo projects posted daily.

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  • - Danger Days
    - Item: Album
    - Released: 11/22/2010
    - Available At: iTunes : NA

    - Planetary (GO!)
    - Item: Digital Single
    - Released: 03/21/2011
    - Available At: iTunes : UK

    - SING : Deluxe
    - Item: Digital Single
    - Released: 02/12/2011
    - Available At : iTunes : NA

    - Na Na Na
    - Item: Digital Single
    - Released: 09/28/2010
    - Available At: iTunes : NA


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Killjoys News

In 2009, when Dark Horse first announced a new project from Grammy-nominated frontman turned Eisner-winning comics writer Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy), the response from music and comics fans alike was overwhelming. Now, Dark Horse is thrilled t… more »
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New York Comic-Con 2012

Dark Horse has announced its signing schedule for New York Comic-Con 2012, which includes Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan and Shaun Simon for "The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys" on Saturday, October 13th at 5pm. Check out a full schedule of all the arti… more »
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Morrisoncon 2012

From all reports Morrisoncon 2012 was a great success and Gerard and Mickey were there to support their friend. BleedingCool Article | The Sound Of The Atom Splitting Panel Video |  Gerard Photo 1 | Gerard Photo 2 | Mickey Photo 1 | Gera… more »
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Conventional Weapons Details

    CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS is a 10- song series of previously- unheard material to be released over the next five (5) months. The double- sided singles will be available worldwide in both digital and 7" vinyl format. Vinyl will be available at most… more »
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Conventional Weapons - Blog Post By Frank

Dear friends, Please allow me to take a trip down memory avenue for just a minute.... in the year 2008 it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...after years of constant work and travel, The Black Parade had come and gone, and as a band M… more »
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