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  • What you will find here is a History/Timeline of the career of Robert Pattinson, including dates and places of events, interviews, reviews and some related media.

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  • - Bel Ami
    - Role: Georges Duroy
    - Director: Donnellan/Ormerod
    - Status: Pre-Production...
    - Info At: imdb

    - Unbound Captives
    - Role: Phineas
    - Director: Madeleine Stowe
    - Status: Pre-Production...
    - Info At: imdb

    - Eclipse
    - Role: Edward Cullen
    - Director: David Slade
    - Status: Post Production
    - Release: 06/30/2010
    - Info At: imdb

    - Remember Me
    - Role: Tyler
    - Director: Allen Coulter
    - Release: 03/12/2010
    - Video: Trailer
    - Images: Photo Post
    - Info At: imdb | Official Site

    - New Moon
    - Role: Edward Cullen
    - Director: Chris Weitz
    - DVD Release: 03/20/2009 (Amazon)
    - Video: Trailer
    - Images: Photo Post
    - Info At: imdb | Official Site

    - How To Be
    - Role: Art
    - Director: Oliver Irving
    - DVD Released: 11/17/2009 (Amazon)
    - Video: Trailer
    - Images: Photo Post
    - Info At: imdb | Official Site

    - The Haunted Airman
    - Role: Toby Jugg
    - Director: Chris Durlacher
    - DVD Released: 10/13/2009 (Amazon)
    - Images: Photo Post
    - Info At: imdb


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Remember Me - Kansas City Star

Interview: Is There Life After Twilight?
By: Kansas City Star



So if nudity doesn’t make you blush, what does embarrass you?

Dancing. I used to dance all the time till I was 16 and I was at a wedding in Seattle. I didn’t realize at the time that Canadian beer is like really strong, like 7.8 percent or something. And I was just going nuts on the dance floor, and my dad was like, “What are you doing?” I’ve never been able to get that out of my head. I’m so self-conscious about it.


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Remember Me - Montreal Gazette


Interview: Robert Pattinson Plays Rebel With A Sulk
By: Montreal Gazette



Indeed, Remember Me is precious to him, so he wanted to ensure the project wasn't modified or diminished in the post-production phase. "The way Tyler reacted to specific things seemed very relatable to me," Pattinson admits. "I hadn't seen a character like it in 100 scripts, so when it came available between filming New Moon and Eclipse, I went for it, because it seemed like a perfect fit."


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Remember Me - Variety


Review: Remember Me
By: Variety



Even if you know, or think you know, what's coming at the end, the emotional undertow is hard to resist and is of a piece with the picture's articulated philosophical position about doing all one can during one's brief moment on earth. Gotham locations are evocatively but unostentatiously used, Marcelo Zarvos' fine score stirs added emotional turbulence, and tech contributions are more than solid.

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Remember Me - Teen Hollywood


Interview: Robert Pattinson's New Romance
By: Teen Hollywood



The only thing that I hurt myself on was a bit they cut out of the movie where I kind of flipped out afterwards out of my own impotence in this fight. You walk into the big confrontation and end up getting completely destroyed by your competitor. I was hitting myself afterwards in a little spur of the moment thing which they cut out of the movie. I hit myself so hard, I was in so much pain for the rest of the shoot. It was the most stupid thing I've ever done (laughs).


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Remember Me - The View


Appearance: Rob & Emilie drop by to chat about Remember Me.



Videos Under The Cut

Read more »

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